White paper Museum

#9 Clemens Hollerer
A project by Caroline Heider, Vienna, A - Online from June 2016

The WHITE PAPER MUSEUM is an exhibition format designed by artists to publicize, exchange ideas, and make art accessible.

Simple white cardboard boxes with a standard base area the size of an A3 sheet of paper define the space of a single model. The exact conditions of this space are determined by the artists invited to participate. Both the interior and exterior of the box may be altered in any way. In the end, it must only be possible to close the box and send it with the mail.

A “white paper” originally designated an essay of up to 15 pages, written by experts on a specific topic and intended as a counselling aid for policymakers. An important aspect of a white paper is that no instructions are given and no bias expressed.

Like a “white paper”, I see the White Paper Museum as a space without conditions, a carte blanche.

The White Paper Museum deliberately ties into the exchange of ideas among artists at the turn of the century by postcards. The pieces created through the project can be seen in photographs, reproduced directly, unfiltered by the interpretation of third parties or institutions, at whitepapermuseum.com.



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