Schaufenstergalerie Scharf, Graz, A

A design project by Clemens Hollerer
Opening > October 29th, 2020      19.00
October 29th - November 22nd, 2020
The focus of the project is the controversial title. In order to interpret it, the viewer can interpret the
individual meanings of the parts and translate them separately from one another (EAT. SHIT) or devote
himself to the entire expression. Fact/necessity/request?
At the origin of a complex linguistic expression as an idiomatic phrase, 'EAT SHIT' finds its real meaning in the vulgar usage of the English language.
Next to the metal letters one can find hand-carved tools that can be used to take in food or the like. As
the original rungs of a wooden ladder, they were brought to new life with new functions through a
transformation process.
The interpretation of the interrelation between object and word is ultimately up to the guest.

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